Vishwajeet Vishnu Sets Off on Expedition for Hearing Awareness from Delhi to London


    Vishwajeet Vishnu, MD of Ear Solutions & widely known as The Travelling CEO on a transformative expedition spanning over 20,000 kilometers, crossing 20 countries, to raise awareness about hearing issues. The journey was inaugurated with a significant flag-off event at the Press Club, Delhi, attended by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, advocates, and individuals with hearing loss.

    Vishwajeet Vishnu, Managing Director at Ear Solutions Pvt. Ltd., gracing the Press Conference at Press Club of India New Delhi alongside his wife, Preeti Malik

    The journey, spanning approximately 70 days, is dedicated to educating individuals about the causes and preventive measures for hearing impairment. Vishnus efforts will highlight the significance of ear safety and health, advocating for proactive care.

    At the flag-off event, Vishwajeet Vishnu emphasized the urgent need for the campaign, stating, “Our goal with this expedition is to spread awareness on a global scale to prevent deafness and hearing loss. This journey signifies more than a physical adventure; its a call to action for a world where everyone can cherish the sense of hearing.”

    Throughout this journey, Vishwajeet Vishnu will collaborate with healthcare and voluntary organizations to share his personal experiences. Lectures will be delivered at universities, schools, and colleges in various nations, underscoring the importance of safe listening practices and the consequences of excessive earphone usage.

    Vishwajeet Vishnu, Managing Director of Ear Solutions, stressed the gravity of the global hearing crisis, saying, “Hearing problems have reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Shockingly, over 100 million individuals are affected by deafness and hearing impairments. Even more concerning is that a mere 3 out of every 100 people have access to appropriate hearing health services. This expedition transcends being a mere road trip; its a call to action for a world where the gift of hearing is accessible to all. We firmly believe that this journey will serve as a catalyst for deafness awareness, playing a pivotal role in raising consciousness.

    Hearing loss is a crisis that affects millions worldwide, with India alone being home to over 6.3 crore individuals suffering from hearing disabilities. Despite its staggering impact, a lack of awareness continues to be a significant impediment to comprehensive solutions.

    The expedition will serve as a beacon of awareness, educating the public about the prevalence, causes, and potential solutions for hearing loss. Through interactive workshops, impactful awareness campaigns, and community-driven events, the team aspires to empower individuals to take proactive control of their hearing health journey.



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