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    New Year Resolutions of Celebs..


    Kushagre Dua:- I generally don’t make resolutions, but this year I don’t know why I feel like doing so, thus have thought of a few. Firstly, I need to and want to overcome some short comings of mine. Secondly, I want to be more focused, more creative, and more productive. So yes, I feel I am making resolutions this year because now I want to grow as a person, my whole life is in front of me and I want to make it big and do big in life. And for that I need to streamline things as I don’t want to end up living a mediocre life just.

    Karan Khandelwal:- I have a habit of over-thinking so I am going to reduce that. I don’t like to hurt others and try to do anything and everything to keep them happy, and I can’t say a no to anyone as I fear they might feel bad, but this is one thing I shall change and be a little more upfront and straight-forward. I will live a more balanced life and pay attention to my health as well. Of course, one of the resolutions is to sign a good show as my show has gone off-air in December. I am already supporting my maid’s household expenses by giving 2k to her every month and in 2022 I want to continue doing that and hopefully can support education for one of her kids. One more dream that I have is to buy a car, so hopefully that also will be fulfilled in 2022.

    Shirin Sewani:- Last year taught us that life is so unpredictable. So this year my only resolution is to live in the moment and live every moment to the fullest. I just want to do whatever it takes to be happy and positive.

    Archana T Sharma:- My resolution shall be not to take life too seriously and always enjoy the process. From my past experiences I have realised one thing that life takes it own course. Yes, you need to be passionate towards your career and work hard for your goals but we should also know how to balance life with work and leisure. As whatever is meant to happen will happen at the time which is perfect for you so stop chasing things. Things will happen and enjoy each and every minute of your life because life is precious. Enjoy life rather than being serious about it. Also one more thing I would like to follow is Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate and drink plenty of water as it helps to flush out all toxins from your body and it also helps to flush out all the negative thoughts too.

    Aasiya Kazi:- So, my New Year resolution, first of all I don’t know if it’s like a resolution or not, but I want to be a nice human and be better with every passing day. I always pray to God that I become a good person. Apart from that the other wish and resolution is to do good work and by end of 2022 I am content that I have done good shows. Lastly, one more resolution is that I stay fit and take care of my health. I had stopped working out, so I restarted again but I am not consistent, so I want to continue working out religiously and regularly.

    Gulshan Nain:- New Year Resolutions is a very fickle term because most people don’t really follow it post few days or weeks. I feel we should mahe a resolution and change whenever we realise it instead of waiting for the new year to start. Life is to be lived and lived fully everyday, so why not make resolutions when we need to because every day is a new day, a new start and gives us an opportunity to live in a better way.

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