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Bluei launched the ‘ROCKER’ series, powerful of Bluetooth Speakers at a 40% discount


New Delhi: Bluei- a homegrown mobile accessories brand announced an update to its wireless speaker range with the launch of ‘ROCKER- R11- Shell, Grenade, Mini Flute, and Detonator’. The wireless speakers are equipped with enhanced audio quality and are designed to support deep and punchy bass which is perfect for Valentine’s Day party. Bluei Rocker R11 series is for young audiophiles who just cannot afford to compromise on the sound quality of their party glimmers. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the brand offers a 40% discount on all four speakers, the sale starts from 10th  February and will continue to 14th February.

Given its compact design, the Bluei Rocker can be easily carried anywhere. The speaker has 5W surround sound and gives a 3D stereo experience. Rocker completely wireless speaker with a frequency range of 10 meters so, keep your music pumping wherever you go.

Bluei Rocker R11 Bluetooth speaker is built to let you enjoy your favourite jams in all conditions. It packs a rechargeable lithium battery of up to 8 hours, lasting longer than your party. Add a second speaker with our True Wireless Stereo feature to enter a stereo mode, and enjoy an even louder bass. With Bluetooth 5.0 and an in-built microphone, this speaker comes with the latest and advanced technology for all-around quality performance. So rock out to your tunes without the worry and boost your music by connecting 2 of these speakers at the same time. The speaker offers a supports of FM, TF Card, LED lights, connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0 as well. The Bluei Rocker speakers come with a built-in microphone to receive calls.

Akhilesh Chopra, Sales Director of Bluei, while announcing the launch said, “Bluei is committed to develop and offer the best in design, durable, and sophisticated products to Indian consumers at a very affordable price. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it is a great time to buy gifts for your loved ones. We are confident that the product will strike the right chord with Indian users. Be it travel, office, or house parties, it is engineered impeccably to give the finest possible user experience designed for all-purpose. Our motive is to catering every age group and every user this is the reason we sell our product at a budget price”

Rocker R11 Shell and Grenade speakers at Rs. 719 after discount & R11 Mini Flute and Detonate speakers at Rs. 779 after discount.

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