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Wonderchef launches Anti-viral UVC Oven

Anti-viral UVC Oven
  • Disinfects everything – from fresh groceries to milk packets, jewelry to currency and much more with Ultra-Violet C Technology within 10 minutes
  • Extremely useful and affordable product amid and unprecedented pandemic

Wonderchef, the leading Indian kitchenware brand, has announced its foray into home disinfection and hygiene category with the launch of its first product in Health-Gear range, Prato Anti-viral Oven. This newest introduction disinfects all kinds of objects and kills 99.5% bacteria and virus with exposure to Ultra-Violet C rays.

UVC rays have a short-wavelength of about 260 nm or 260 X 10^(-9) m. This is of the order of the size of the virus causing SARS or Corona infection and hence is highly effective in transmitting energy inside the organism. This fuses the RNA of the virus and deactivates its capability to multiply, rendering it harmless.

Prato Anti-viral Oven not only disinfects the food items but also electronics, clothes, cash, toys, newspapers, milk packets, bags, wallets, medical equipments, masks & PPEs, delivery packets, jewelry and daily use items like pens, keys etc. There is no rise in temperature so even raw fruits and vegetables can be kept inside and disinfected without any change in their character.

Talking about the revolutionary product, Managing Director, Ravi Saxena said, “Wonderchef is committed to aid and strengthen the country’s fight against the the Covid-19 pandemic and is expanding its portfolio in the disinfection and hygiene segment. This is just the first product in Health-Gear range. We will launch many more useful products in the coming two months to help our customers lead a more healthy and carefree life’ said Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD of Wonderchef.

Prato UVC Oven is a compact 9-litre device that can easily fit anywhere in your kitchen. It comes with 2 UVC bulbs, a timer and silver-coated glass window to increase the reflectivity of the oven and ensure 360-degree exposure for any product kept inside. The device is certified by ATCC Lab (NABL accredited) for emitting the desired wavelength of UVC and create optimum amount of energy per sq. cm. to ensure effective disinfection; and by Intertek, an American Lab for effectively destroying 99.5% of bacteria and virus with 10-minutes exposure on any surface.

Priced at Rs. 4,499/- the Health-Gear Prato Anti-viral Oven is very affordable and will be available on www.wonderchef.com, e-commerce platforms and in retail stores across India. Mr. Saxena added “We stand for Health and Convenience as a Brand and we will follow the same high standards on Health-Gear products. It is our vision that everyone in India must be able to lead a healthy life despite the pandemic and hence Health-Gear range of products will be most reasonable priced as compared to any other company in India”.


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