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Wonderchef Home Appliances’ Ravi Saxena on life beyond work

Mr. Ravi Saxena
Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd Courtesy -Financial Express

1) The Job (i) things you love about your job and the industry you work in (ii) things you would like to change/ see changed

I am blessed as I have loved every industry I have worked in. When I joined as a young brand manager in VIP Luggage, I fell in love with bags and suitcases. This passion led to the development of India’s first bag with Trolley – VIP Strolley. Then I set up Sodexo in India, and was marketing food vouchers with a passion as if it were my own business. When we launched catering and facilities management business, I loved that too and soon we became the leading company in the country in all these fields. One cannot but help loving the next industry I was in – restaurants and coffee shops. And now, with Wonderchef, I think everything I enjoyed doing ever has come together – design, innovation, new product development, brand building, interior design and general management.

Specifically I like how closely we are intertwined with daily lives of our customers. Wonderchef customers use multiple products every single day, and create stories of selfless love and passion in their kitchen. This motivates us to continue to do more and offer them better and better solutions. I wouldn’t like anything to be changed – we are changing things ourselves.

2) The Weekdays — what’s your day typically like; what do you look forward to most at work; how do you recharge yourself in the middle of a busy day

My day begins with a few minutes of yogic breathing and stretching. I am fortunate to have house in Mumbai, which allows me to have my own gym on my terrace, which makes it convenient to spend time everyday in doing weights and treadmill.

My office is 5 jogging minutes from home, which is a real blessing. This allows me to spend 10-12 hours everyday at office, without feeling any stress. I live interacting with the teams, formulating strategy as well as reviewing execution in great detail, shooting the breeze with new ideas, working deeply with creative teams and learning new tech from youngsters. The day flies off so quickly and I reserve the quiet time post 7 pm to do my mails and messages before leaving for home.

3) The Weekend — what do you do over the weekend

I love walking in the mountains, even if it is for just a day’s trip, and do that at least once every month. I do not wait to enjoy good things of life over the weekend and manage to find time to read, watch my favorite shows, sports on a daily basis. Trying my hand at cooking is however reserved for the weekends.

4) The Toys — the gadgets you are crazy about or cannot do without

If there’s one piece of technology I can’t live without, it is the Kindle. It is the right confluence of technological savvy and no-frills, barebones utility. It’s one of the few single-purpose devices left in this world and I love its narrow focus. Alexa is another thing that is gaining ground, despite my best efforts to stick to hi-fi systems.

5) The Logos — the brands you are loyal to, like to wear or admire

I like the cut of Boggi Shirts from Italy, Wills Lifestyle trousers and Brooke Bros. suits. I really love my collection of timeless classics from Rolex and Omega. My perfume is Terre d’ Hermes for office. I like its citrusy, woody and earthy facets. Outside work I like Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for its freshness and joie de vivre.


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