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Wonderchef collaborates with Watch-Water, Germany, to launch Virol-Oxy in India

Virol Oxy

 India’s leading brand of premium cookware and kitchen appliances, Wonderchef, has launched Virol-Oxy, a unique and multi-purpose disinfectant for safe and rapid disinfection of homes, to deactivate all kinds of viruses and bacteria on multiple surfaces.

Virol-Oxy, manufactured for Wonderchef by the German company – Watch Water GmbH, is the most highly effective disinfectant due to its superior oxidation prowess that is 2 to 5 times stronger than other reactants. It is a stabilized blend of powdered Hydrogen Peroxide, Crystalline Titanium Dioxide (Titansorb P) and Surfactant. It is typically used as 0.5% solution (5 gm. powder in 1 Litre of water), which is non-toxic and non-irritant to eyes and skin.

This solution can be used for almost everything at home, office and shops – to disinfect and sanitize fruits, vegetables, all kinds of surfaces, dishes, cutlery, door and window handles, car interiors, display merchandise and a lot more. 1% solution (10 gm mixed in one litre of water) is powerful enough to disinfect pre-soaked medical devices.

Amazing thing is the solution is completely food-safe, and non-irritant to eyes and skin. Since, the powder doesn’t contain chlorine or any by-products like DBPs or THMs it is not harmful and can be used as a replacement to unpleasant hypochlorite used in other disinfectants.

Talking about the product, Mr. Ravi Saxena, Managing Director, Wonderchef said, “Disinfecting and sanitizing our homes, anything we bring from outside into home, food and groceries, has emerged as a major need these days. The cleaning routine is primarily limited to water with mild disinfectants at home to get rid of the dirt, germs, pesticides, etc. This is just not enough. To bring the best solution to our consumers, Wonderchef and Watch-Water (Germany) are delighted to announce the launch of Virol-Oxy – The world’s most effective virus disinfectant and one single solution for all kinds of disinfecting. It’s effectiveness in killing bacteria and virus has been tested and certified by leading labs in Germany.”

The experts confirm that it has been tested according to EN 14476 (European Phase 2, Step 1, Suspension test) for its veridical activity and proved to show activity of more than or equal to 4lg against the Bovine Corona viruses.

Test Certificates:


The product will be sold on all the platforms of Wonderchef.


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