Saand Ki Aankh actor Raunakk Bhinder remembers Chandro Dadi..!


    Raunakk Bhinder, who played Chandro Dadi’s husband, the young Bhanwar Singh Tomar in Chandro and Prakashi Tomar’s biopic ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ was shocked to hear about her demise. Raunakk shares, “I spoke with her last in December last year. She wasn’t keeping too well and complained of a slight fever because of the cold weather. Later, I learnt that she was infected with corona and was admitted to a hospital near my home in Meerut. I was absolutely shocked to learn about her demise yesterday.” He adds, “She would tell me that no role is too big or too small and that God has fixed a time for everything. My takeaway from my first meeting with her were her thoughts on spirituality as she was very motivational and spiritual as a person, who believed a lot in prayers and hymns.”

    Reminiscing his meeting with the shooter dadi duo, Raunakk says, “Their story is very inspiring and when I met Chandro Dadi, she was beaming with energy. The movie chronicles their journey of breaking free from the shambles of stereotypes associated with a woman, be it the purdah system or being reduced to just being fit to do domestic work during the 1970s. Chandrodadi who was also subjected to same prejudices, finally overcame the shackles and won accolades for her shooting skills.”

    What particularly amazed the actor about the sister duo was their self-sufficiency. He adds, “Both Chandro and Prakash Dadi handled all the household work by themselves and never depended on anyone for their work. Their mental strength and will power can be gauged with the fact that they were octogenarian sharpshooters. Chandro Dadi would encourage everyone on the set and tell us to never allow age become a deterrent when it came to fulfilling our dreams. She will always remain to be an inspiration for the youth and will be truly missed.”


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