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NHEV opened India’s Largest Charging Station in Gurugram within a record 30 days’ time

· This Alektrify Station has 75 AC + 25 DC + 21 Hybrid AC Chargers (total121) installed & active · Gurugram becomes the first city to have top 2 largest charging stations in the country · This new station in Sect-86 can charge1000 cars in 24 hours while others in Sect-52 can charge 576 cars · This is the model station for standards to have opted as future petrol pumps nationwide with NHEV · It’s NHEV 2nd prototype stations on Jaipur–Delhi NH-48 E-highway 8 more to come up shortly


Gurugram: 5th March 2022: 30 days after commissioning India’s largest EV charging station National Highways for Electric Vehicles (NHEV) today opened another milestone and an even larger EV charging station in sector 86 Gurugram broke all national records and made Gurugram the first city to have the top two charging stations of the country. This Alektrify charging station, commissioned on Thursday, under Ease of Doing Business program has 75 AC, 25 DC और 21 Hybrid charging points with a capacity of charging 1000 cars in 24 hours. NHEV Project Director Abhijeet Sinha explained tecno-commercials and safety standards to representatives from various government agencies and media in today’s opening ceremony.

During the event, Mr. Abhijeet Sinha, Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicles said ” This is our 2nd prototype station constructed in a record 30 days time for Delhi – Jaipur E-Highway, 2 more stations of same size and scale will be installed in Noida within 60 days for Delhi–Agra E-Highway which will conclude the prototype modeling of E-hubs. 30 more E-Highway charging stations will be constructed within a record time of 90 days from their date of allocations to PSUs / Private entities. These Charging stations are commercially and technically competing with Petrol Pumps now with 72% utilization and 36 months breakeven with increased capacity to charge 1000 cars at this station and 576 cars at Sect 52 station. These simple prototypes have proved that e-highway stations of NHEV will be world-class and draw a strong commercial roadmap of E-mobility on Indian highways.

In his inaugural address Mr. Sudhendu J. Sinha, Adviser (Infrastructure, Connectivity – Transport and Electric Mobility), NITI Aayog, said,“ NHEV has not only made a 30 days record of building largest station in size but also the most profitable station in the nation which shall include battery swapping and significant revenue amenities to compete with Diesel – Petrol Pumps earnings. I inaugurated another NHEV station Alektrify in Sector 52 of Gurugram only 30 days back which recorded 72% utilization and operated on 36-month breakeven tenure. This NHEV model has come up very strong among other charging ecosystems and I congratulate the NHEV team for this 2nd success and look forward to their upcoming stations in NOIDA.

During the program piloting and prototyping company contributing to the Prime Minister’s Ease of Doing Business initiative also revealed their unique Charging Station’s design layouts for their flagship e-mobility pilot program National Highways for EV (NHEV). Its Project Director Mr. Abhijeet Sinha told that- “Across the world charging stations have similar layouts and formations like petrol pumps and parking lot. India shall lead this segment with these hemispheres shaped, energy-efficient, green structures. Renowned scientist and Member NITI Aayog Padm Shri Padm Bhushan Sri V. K Saraswat said in his address that this model has come up as a very strong alternative of battery swapping for light heavy and medium weight vehicles and Jaipur- Delhi-Agra green e-highway is going to enable these charging stations for hydrogen vending to heavy vehicles too.

Mr. Praveen Kumar, Member – NHEV Working Group and Managing Director of Alektrify charging hub told that – “The station has total 121 chargers with 75AC and 25DC charging ports active for Ajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and station can charge 1000 electric cars in 24 hours. And 100 cars at a time. 1 AC charger takes up to 6 hours to charge an EV and can charge a total of 4 vehicles in a day and 95 such chargers can charge 570 EV every day. While our fast DC chargers can charge a vehicle in 1 hour and can comfortably charge 24 EVs every day and this station. We have 25 such DC chargers to charge 600 EVs in a day-night utilization.”

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