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    Newgen Further Strengthens its Low Code Process Automation Platform; Launches iBPS 5.0 SP2

    Unlocks enhanced capabilities for enabling accelerated digital transformation


    Newgen Software, a global provider of digital transformation platform, has announced the launch of iBPS V 5.0 SP2—an upgraded version of its industry-recognized low code process automation platform.

    iBPS 5.0 helps enterprises automate existing business processes using a low-code development methodology. This includes rapid composition of forms to capture information, complex decision rules and routing through process steps and workflows, business rules engine, and easy integrations with third-party enterprise applications to exchange data. Global Fortune 2000 enterprises use iBPS 5.0 to automate hundreds of business processes, from loan origination to insurance claims processing, e-authorizations to credit approvals, and employee onboarding to exit formalities.

    The latest version enhances personalization options for end-users and provides an upgraded rule engine for improved decisions. Further, the platform offers improved data handling, enhanced capabilities with robotic process automation, containerized deployments, upgraded mobile app capabilities, and more.

    “We are glad to share that with this upgraded version, our customers will be able to further empower their IT teams by enabling rapid development of complex, context-aware, and customer-centric business applications,” said Virender Jeet, CEO, Newgen Software. 

    Key features added in iBPS V 5.0 SP2 include:

    • Robotic Process Automation:  Accelerate business processes with native RPA capabilities includes scripting studio and bot control center to ensure compliances on most difficult business processes
    • Data Management: Enhanced and improved data controls for handling complex data and seamless exchange of data across platform and applications
    • Business Rule Engine: Better decisions with improved dynamic business rules execution and provision to publish them as RESTful webservices for easy consumption across platforms
    • Deployment Manager: Connecting dev pipeline todocker container (AWS & Azure) for deployments and achieving faster and highly scalable deployments
    • Security Controls: More secured applications with multi-factor authentication and security controls to restrict automated scripts
    • Video/Audio Streaming: Highly secured way to access customer data within the application through integrated multimedia streaming player for audio-video content
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