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Decoded: Wonderchef reclaimed 3x growth with right IT investments Here’s how the Indian cookware and kitchen appliances manufacturing company has turned Covid-19 as an opportunity with AI and automation technologies.

Mr. Ravi Saxena
Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd Courtesy - ET CIO

Wonderchef, the cookware and kitchen appliances manufacturer, has helped many of us to become a star of our households during the lockdown. Apart from focusing on quality, technology is on top of the list for Wonderchef. The company has been investing in IT since its inception, and today they have AI, automation, robotics and many other use cases which are supporting the business to reclaim growth in the current situation with even 3x better sales than last year.

“We are one of the few companies whose sales are actually higher month on month as compared to last year. There has also been a paradigm shift in sales channel mix. We have seen an exponential growth in our revenue through digital channels and this trend is going to continue. As an organization we have leveraged the lockdown period to focus more on digital assets. We have leveraged technology to reach out to not only our existing customers who are looking for upgrades in the kitchen, but also who match the profile of our customers using AI, and the results are exponentially well,” Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef said.

Ravi Saxena, MD, WonderchefFrom internal business decisions, go to market strategy, sales planning to even innovating products such as Nutri-Blend and Nutri-Pot, Wonderchef has been implementing technologies such as AI, data analytics, and more into the core of their business.

The company’s technology journey has been decoded in different ways such as in Warehouse/Plant management, supply chain automation, digital sales and finally their IT spending.

Using technology for Warehouse and plant management

Wonderchef has automated their warehouse and manufacturing units with the latest technologies such as robotics, WMS platform, automation software, container management tools and more. Currently, their operational processes and the supply chain are also driven by technology. In the area of logistics and supply chain, Wonderchef has been investing in automation technologies and software to make it seamless and digitally oriented. The company has deployed a SaaS model with ILogix platform for dispatch and return management.

“We have ensured that specially during these work-from-home times, everything is system-driven right from sales planning, SKU level projections, procurement, inventory management and supply chain. We are using automation and robotics to bring more efficiency and reduce human error. As a result, our response to market conditions is based on a feedback loop mechanism since the sales patterns are changing fast. Premium products are selling more and customers are discovering new appliances which add convenience to their self-cooking initiatives. Our success lies in a real-time capturing system of this data and translating it into the sourcing plan,” Saxena added.


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