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    DAO EV Tech to use only LFP Batteries across all its products

    • The ThermoSafe Feature keeps the battery functioning even during quick accelerations and hot weather • DAO does not plan to cut corners • The company believes in delivering the best


    Hyderabad: DAO EV Tech, a ‘Make in India’ dedicated smart electric mobility manufacturing start-up based out of Hyderabad has decided to use only LFP Batteries across all its products as LFP Battery is the answer to    Electric Mobility in India.

    LFP batteries offer many advantages over the traditionally used NMC batteries in most electric two-wheelers. Both are Lithium Batteries but they are very different in their constitution. LFP technology is the safest option for Indian climatic conditions with both hot weather and long monsoons. LFP also reduces toxicity issues and provides a robust performance and a longer operational life.

    DAO EV Tech does not plan to cut corners. The company believes in delivering the best and use only LFP Batteries across all its products. This is because the        Company’s culture is very consumer focused and they plan to deliver only the most reliable and durable products to their customers.

    Mr Maneesh Singh, VP Strategic Development, DAO EV TECH said, “The root of our LFP Battery technology stems out of Silicon Valley at the lab of Stanford university while the founding partner of our battery supplier was studying for his mechanical Ph.D. Later this technology was further inspired and developed at Tesla where he was heading the R&D research for the model 3. As he progressed, he developed the core competence to become one of the leading battery manufacturers across the globe.

    With the vision to deliver the best product to the Indian customer, together, we transfer this technology solution empowered by some of 270-patented technologies to India for the first time ever”.

    A two minute video of an electric scooter on fire in Hyderabad surfaced on social media recently. It quickly went viral. This led to many industry leaders evaluating the pros and cons of using the conventional NMC batteries any longer.

    In 2020, Tesla announced that they would be manufacturing their Model 3 cars in China using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, moving away from their traditional nickel-based chemistries they use in US-based car manufacturing. Tesla doubled down on their bet on iron batteries in the spring of 2021, announcing intent to use LFP batteries in their grid-scale energy storage solution: the Megapack.

    According to a 2020 paper from the Journal of the Electrochemical Society (Degradation of Commercial Lithium-Ion Cells as a Function of Chemistry and Cycling Conditions), LFP batteries have a longer lifespan than NMCs. This data contradicts the wide-spread notion that NMC cells are more durable and have a longer life span. That’s not true any more given the LFP cells had the highest cycle lifetime across all conditions. LFP Batteries last longer.

    So LFP batteries are cheaper. A battery that is a bit larger than the current NCA batteries can still be cheaper. LFP batteries are heavier and need more room, but the battery space is big enough for the normal Long Range battery.

    The LFP offers efficient heat dissipation for better thermal stability especially during quick acceleration and long rides. Given India’s tropical weather conditions, it is imperative for the battery pack to offer high temperature resistance.

    Some of the other advantages include: Improves stability of electronic components, Provides a better acceleration experience and provides a better slope climbing ability.

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