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About Us

The Via is a new age information platform that focuses on the real news. In the times when the digital world is experiencing a massive transformation it is imperative for media publications to act responsibly and present the real news not the propaganda. 

We are committed and ethical in terms of the content we curate. The Via follows the new age approach by bringing to you real and authentic news, opinion and information. 

We respect the difference of opinions and try to be neutral in our approach. 

The Via is an honest attempt to ensure the right information comes to you without adulteration. 

We are based in Delhi but have our team contributing from across the country. The core leadership team consists of the professionals having huge experience in renowned publications and the academicians with in depth understanding of the variety of subjects ranging from economy, policy, bureaucracy, business and politics.

Stay connected with us in our journey. 

Reach out to us at hi@thevia.in