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7 gifts on Valentine’s Day for your Love ones

Chef Shruti Gupta, Founder, The Blush Bakery

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your affection and care for someone you love. But all of us are not very good at expressing what we feel with the right gift. Thus, we are always on the hunt for the best gift ideas on the internet.

Finally, the time has come when you can put the stress off your shoulders as we are here to provide you with the best ideas. You will love it and further, it will ignite the bond between you and your partner.

Since you are planning this for your treasure you can always get one thing even at the end moment and that is chocolate. Girls are fond of chocolates. So, this is one of the best gift ideas. You can go for some creative ideas this time like our homemade chocolates or muffins because they taste amazing and have a better quality than the so-called branded chocolates said Chef Shruti Gupta founder, The Blush Bakery.

Gifts for your love on Valentine’s Day:

1.Cake- For any kind of celebration be it a birthday party or valentine’s day one thing which forms an essential component is a cake. You can also give a customized cake to your loved one with her picture on it or a heart-shaped cake symbolizing love and care in your relationship.

2.Chocolates- Ok, so this is something obvious and one of the most common gifts. If nothing comes to your mind then this can be your savior because chocolates are great mood changers. In case you forget to buy a gift for her you can go with a bar of chocolate to pacify her anger and enjoy some romantic moments together. You can get the best chocolates from our home-based bakery with a unique taste and texture. You can also order heart-shaped chocolates or customized chocolates with a small message for her.

3.Muffins- This is also one of the best-baked products which you can use as a gift for your love. The muffins are very small in size but have a sweet taste. It may or may not contain fruits. Our home-based bakery makes one of the best muffins. You can also give her muffins with something innovative on the top like a smiley or a red heart which will make her smile at the first glance for sure.

4.Cookies- Apart from cake, muffins, and chocolates you can also go for cookies as they have a great taste. It is also very crunchy and crispy which gives it one of the top preferences when it comes to gift ideas. The most popular ones are the choco-chip cookies which are very delicious and will make you crave for more. Our home-based bakery makes the best cookies which we want you to enjoy with your girlfriend while watching your favorite series on Netflix.

5.Cinnamon rolls- This is for all the people who are in a long-distance relationship right now. Before meeting your love you can keep it frozen. When she comes on Valentine’s day you can give her this delicious gift which she will enjoy the most after traveling so long a distance. You can try out our homemade cinnamon rolls which look classy and are a great form of appetizer for you and your love.

6.Choco Pie- Choco pie looks like a bun with chocolate all over it. It has an enriching taste which makes you crazy at the first bite. It has a marshmallow filling which makes it even more delicious. Even homemade choco pie is available now at our bakery which has a premium quality along with heavenly taste.

7.Gift basket- Last but not the least is a gift basket which can be the most fulfilling gift that you can ever give to your girl. You can add many things to the basket-like red roses, chocolates, perfume, or muffins to make it complete. Furthermore, you can also add a frame with a picture of both of you to add an essence of romance and affection. Get the chocolates and cookies from our home-based bakery to make your Valentine’s day extra special and memorable.

This article has covered almost all the major gifts which you can give to your girlfriend to make her impressed and to bring back the spark in your relationship.

So, what are you still thinking about? Go get your girl the best gift this valentine to make her feel special and shower her with your love and care with chocolates or cakes from our home-based bakery to make your valentine’s day memorable.

The author is the Founder of The Blush Bakery
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