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5 thoughtful gifts you can gift your special lady, on Women’s Day


Today’s women are smart tech sense and are adapting to the latest tech trends. For women, mobile accessories and tech gadgets add up to their personality. When it is the matter of gift selection for women of the 21st century then one should be careful about their option. All one wants to do is simply consider the fact that the product should be functional, long-lasting, stylish, and handy. Here is the list of top gadgets that can be gifted to women this International Women’s Day.

  1. Easy to carry Earplugs: Music is loved by every woman. The easiest way to enjoy music or manage convenient conversations is through earplugs. Earplugs can be carried in a purse which means that the music will be with you even when you are traveling and will allow you to hear your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Tuned for music addicts with an adjustable ear hook for secure fit this lightweight Philips SHQ3300 is the best gift for a music lover. The product is designed especially for smartphone compatibility. Women will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness of giving this gift because it will not just improve their overall device using experience but also improve the convenience level of gadget use. The product priced at INR 925.
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  1. Fitness band: Every woman is fitness conscious and aims to lead a healthy lifestyle. From step counting to sleeping a fitness tracker will act as a partner for women all the time. With a plethora of fitness trackers to choose from, selecting the one that best suits your needs and your style can be tricky. Consider gifting an affordable yet functional fitness tracker as a perfect gifting choice for women. Fitbit Charge 2 is a stylish yet affordable fitness tracker. It consists of features like easy to personalize your watch with different colors and has a strong and unique magnet clasp design, durable woven stainless steel. The product priced at INR 6000.
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  1. Bluei Massive 3 Headphones: The headphone powered with a battery life of up to 15 hours. Though WFH likely gives you the liberty to pump up the volume of speakers, headphones can still come in handy for work calls, perfect for tuning out potential distractions around the house, or intruding sounds from outside, thanks to the noise-canceling technology. The product comes with an idea to design a compact, lightweight, rough-n-tough, long battery life, and stylish wireless headphone is the perfect travel companion for students and working peoples. The retail price of the product is Rs. 1250.
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  1. Mobile cases: Unique and attractive mobile covers are appreciated by women. A beautiful mobile case enhances mobile beautification so that it can be unique and eye-catching in appearance. The presence of a perfect mobile case will add more charm to her personality. So should consider gifting custom designed and completely unique printed mobile cover to a woman this Women’s day.
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5. Funky Powerbank: With the increased usage of mobile phones, the draining of battery is usually the most common problem for ladies. This is something that becomes an issue in conversations and connectivity. To get rid of this problem, one can choose to gift a powerful yet funky-looking power bank to her. This will allow her to get a battery charging option whenever urgent battery charging is required. All a woman needs is a slim power bank that can slip into her pocket or carry with her in the wallet.

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